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Boost Your Customers’ Emotional Well-Being & Spread Joy!



1) Chocolate and confectionery have contributed massively to emotional well-being during the pandemic, helping to bring joy and happiness over the last 12 months.

2) Giving chocolate and sweets creates an emotional connection between the giver and their customers and staff which builds loyalty… for example chocolates and sweets included with online sales, thank you chocolates and sweets at the end of a meal, a sweet treat with a cup of coffee or tea, refreshing welcome mints in a Reception area etc etc.

3) Chocolates and sweets bring people together and are a safe and creative way to stay connected… giving seasonal, celebratory chocolates and sweets individually or gift packaged as letterbox gifts, in organza bags, sachets or tins… creates a bond and results in emotional well-being.


“Confectionery spreads joy in times like these.”

I’ve just been reading a new report and thought you might find some of the insights from it as powerful and informative as I have… addressing how we engage, thank and reward customers, especially with end of the lockdown in sight.

I’ll summarise some of the key findings of the National Confectioners Association (NCA) report in this first blog and two others to follow, but you can read the full report by clicking on the link if you want to know more:

One of the most important findings to keep in mind as you work to get your business or organisation back on track is summarised in the following quote:

“The power of chocolate and candy and the role of confectionery as a driver of emotional wellbeing has never felt more meaningful than it has within the past year”.

Or to put it another way, as we like to say at Delvaux HQ:

EVERYBODY loves a chocolate!”

No question… the treating and gifting of chocolates and sweets is one of the things that has helped all of us get through the last 12 months.

Of course, as the report reminds us, chocolate and sweets have enjoyed a special place in our lives for generations… delivering everyday moments of joy and filling a special role in holidays and celebrations.

And for the last 35 years Delvaux Ltd has been supplying “inexpensive treats and premium indulgence” to 1000s of businesses, organisations and associations with delicious personalised chocolates and sweets for that very reason… people love to be given a chocolate or sweet after a meal, with a drink, while visiting a spa or conference or the hairdressers or when making a purchase…

The pain any customer experiences when the bill arrives and they have to reach for their wallet or purse is greatly diminished (at a least for a bit!) if some “Thank You” chocolates or sweets arrive with the invoice!

At the very least chocolates or sweets at the point of purchase or at the end of a meal is a welcome distraction, talking point and improves customer loyalty.

Over a tumultuous year emotional well-being has become a real concern and ‘self-care’ has never been more important.

As the NCA report emphasises, “the choices we make about food are no longer just about fuel and physical health benefits, but instead place greater value on their contributions to our sense of balance and happiness – our emotional well-being.”

It’s all about chocolate and confectionery playing a unique role in helping consumers maintain their emotional wellbeing and enjoying treats which trigger positive feelings and have them emotional connected with you.

As we know ourselves from supplying 1000s of customers over the years, personalised chocolates and sweets can create a great connection between any business, organisation or association and its customers, staff, donors or suppliers when given with orders, takeaways, refreshments, in reception areas, as promotional gifts etc… they are ideal for thanking, gifting and promoting.

I’ll share more insights from the report in part 2 of this blog… meantime please explore our online shop to see our range and don’t hesitate to call us to discuss any needs you or your clients may have, and to help with messaging and design creative… not forgetting we can fulfil special and bespoke orders too.

Please give Richard a call on +44 (0)1932 550500 (or email us) to discuss your requirements, with no obligation at all …he will be happy to help you explore options. Please also view our full range of branded Chocolates & Confectionery at:

(Natalie’s Blog, 22 March 2021)

[Next… read part 2 of this 3-part blog series. Click on the link to read the second blog of 3.]

Meet… Natalie Atkinson (Managing Director, Delvaux Ltd)

Natalie is the Managing Director of Delvaux Ltd, a family-owned business originally founded in 1985 by her mother Monique as a division of Rombouts Coffee. Natalie leads the ‘delicious marketing ideas’ team at Delvaux, experts in helping Delvaux’s clients to use personalisation and gifting as ‘edible advertising’.

Since Delvaux’s early days supplying petit fours to Restaurants and Hotels and supplying retailers such as the House of Fraser, Conran and Harvey Nichols with luxury chocolates, glace fruits, nougats and nuts, Delvaux has developed into a thriving independent business supplying personalised chocolates (Neapolitans and Petit Chocs) and confectionery in individual wrappers printed with messaging, logo, special offers and promotions etc.

Delvaux has been in business for over 35 years supplying 1000s of businesses, associations, charities, institutions and individuals with millions of personalised Neapolitan and Petit chocolates over that time. More recently Delvaux has expanded under Natalie’s direction with the addition of Mints, Fruit Sweets, Salted Caramel Fudge, Jelly Beans and Jelly Sweets and Chocolate Coffee Beans to the product range.

[If you have any questions please call us on UK freephone 0800 371 428 or International telephone +44 (0) 1932 550500, alternatively please email us at]

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