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Virtual World – Real Treats & Engagement!


We offer a special service and product range to help those attempting to connect with their customers, staff or delegates attending their online virtual events… to engage the audience in the ‘real world’ too!

We specialise in fighting “Virtual Fatigue” and “Zoomed Out” weariness by putting added-value, personalised ‘real world’ Chocolate & Sweet treats, gifts, merchandise, promotional items, information and materials in the hands of remote attendees/delegates.

Our mission is to help you enhance the online, remote experiences you are delivering… making your virtual come alive!


You can ensure your participants are excited and engaged about any virtual event with something they can physically handle by sending your audience a gift box or bag full of delicious Chocolates & Sweets and other goodies… nothing promotes more emotional connection and engagement than taste and sell, touch and feel:

> as an initial invitation to the online event that breaks through all the day to day noise in people’s lives and gets them truly excited, or

> an ‘on boarding’ package… something each participant opens during the virtual event that brings them together in the shared experience… sharing something real they all have in their possession wherever they are, something that makes the experience extra special!

The package can include items to surprise and delight your participants, for them:

* to eat and enjoy;

* to show and/or wear on camera during a virtual event;

* to keep (and display!) permanently as a long-term reminder!

Items can be branded, themed and/or dated, they can carry inspiring quotes and sayings etc, they can serve to connect and unite your participants.

Whether it’s £5 a head + postage or £50+ a head + postage… whatever your budget and creative ideas… and wherever your participants live… we can help.


Whether a virtual conference, meeting, show, trade show or exhibition online, we work with organisers and hosts to create ‘real world’ excitement and engagement helping them:

> to give their clients a more unique and memorable experience with something physical as part of their online virtual event – with all the emotional connection and happiness that comes with gifting and receiving personalised Chocolates & Sweets treats, wearable and usable gifts etc;

> to grow their revenue with ‘extras’ to sell on to their clients – giving them additional margin/profit;

> to grow their sales with enhanced packages – setting them apart from what others are offering;

> to promote their business and brand(s).

Companies, businesses, organisations and consultants we work with include:

* Event, Party & Wedding Organisers

Basically anyone arranging, facilitating and delivering virtual online events for their clients… including Christmas & New Year works parties, celebrations, meetings, conferences, shows, press launches, exhibitions.

* ‘In-House’ Organisers

Clients organising their own virtual online events in-house.

* Promotional Merchandise Distributors

Promotional merchandise distributors supplying brands, businesses, event organisers and others with branded promotional materials, gifts etc.

* PR & Marketing Companies

PR & Marketing agencies and consultants helping their clients promote and attract attendees and delegates to virtual online events.

* Restaurants & Bars

Restaurant venues organising alternative virtual online events for their clients… such as hosting Works Parties & Celebrations online but adding value with special deliveries of food and drink etc.

* Schools, Colleges & Universities

Schools, Colleges & Universities wanting to excite their prospective parents and students attending virtual Open Days, undertaking online tours and visits etc.


We can provide a range of fulfilment packages and services in support of any virtual or online event… and for offline ‘in person’ events too.

A leading supplier of personalised Chocolates & Sweets for over 35 years, we have been working hard to develop our range of products and services in support of virtual parties, celebrations, events, conferences, exhibitions and shows.

As part of our fulfilment service we can offer a range of packages:


Whether Letterboxes, larger boxes, bags, hampers etc… packaging can come in any shape or size… and the packaging itself can be part of the experience – we can customise/brand the outside of the box or bag if required, with special labels or full colour printing of the packaging… we can even create bespoke packaging too.

Our service can comprise whatever you need… we can:

* source the packaging and arrange for custom branding and personalisation of the outside and/or inside of the package as required;

* provide delicious, colourful, uniquely branded Chocolates & Sweets for that extra treat and impact! Personalised Chocolates & Sweets normally form the “base” for any contents… carrying your messaging and branding, website and/or social media information and contact details etc… and/or that of your sponsors and partners;

* source personalised and/or branded invitations and gifts (gift cards for home delivery of food and drink or online shopping, t-shirts, stress balls, key rings, pens, USB sticks, phone chargers, coasters etc) and/or promotional information etc;

* supply fun and themed items too… for a Christmas surprise we can include Christmas paper hats, gift cards for home delivery, bad cracker jokes, small gifts, games like cards etc;

* collate and pack items you provide such as branded promotional materials, information and gifts etc;

* prepare the packages and ship to individual addresses or in bulk to one location for onward shipping and distribution.

* or we can supply provide delicious colourful personalised, branded and/or themed Chocolates & Sweets in bulk for you to distribute yourself.


For special seasonal events we can include appropriate themed gifts and games, such as Christmas hats, (bad!) cracker jokes and gifts etc.


We can produce bespoke packaging and contents to order… depending on the client(s), sponsors, attendees/delegates and branding requirements, budgets etc.


Alternatively we can simply supply branded and/or personalised Chocolates & Sweets in bulk for you to add to whatever you may be sending your participants already.

(All our personalised Chocolates & Sweets are available within 10 working days, from approval of artwork and payment being received.)


Please give Richard or Natalie a call to discuss the different options and what we can do for you: +44 (0) 1932 550500

Ready to order?

For more information about our Virtual Service please call Richard or Natalie on UK freephone 0800 371 428 or International telephone +44 (0) 1932 550500, alternatively please email us at

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