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The Weird & Wonderful World Of Royal Wedding Memorabilia


Our Pick Of The Weird & Wonderful Royal Wedding Souvenirs…

Delvaux’s range of personalised Chocolates & Sweets may be the perfect Wedding favours and the ideal way to mark a special occasion like a Wedding (or Birthday, Anniversary, Product or Menu Launch, Special Promotion etc) but we can’t let on whether Prince Harry & Meghan have ordered their own Wedding favours from us, sorry!

However we have been enjoying the weird and wonderful range of memorabilia being produced to mark the Royal Wedding…

> Harry and Meghan Swimsuits

Show your support for the happy couple on the beaches this Summer with these Royal swimsuits…

With the bride and groom’s faces printed across the body, these one-piece swimsuits have been created by online printing company ‘Bags of Love’.

We’re told they cost £38 plus delivery…

> Personalised Marmite

We’re Marmite lovers (but we know not everyone is a fan!) and there can’t be anything more traditionally British than Marmite jars personalised with Harry and Meghan’s names… however we hear these aren’t official, rather they’ve been designed and sold by fans not the company itself!

> Harry and Meghan Pez Dispensers

If you are a Pez Dispenser collector (and they are out there) Christmas has arrived early!

But this isn’t an attempt to cash-in… at least not for commercial profit.

The Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Pez Dispenser has been created to raise funds for the Make-A-Wish® Foundation and unfortunately it’s too late to get your hands on this exclusive Pez kit as it has already been auctioned on eBay… and sold for £7300!

> Happiness Is A Latte

In celebration of the impending wedding the Heidi bakery and coffee shop near Windsor Castle has been serving locals and tourists with cuppas featuring a specially themed coffee foam.

They have replaced the traditional barista heart, rosetta and tulip coffee designs with one of the happy couple’s faces. (The image of the couple is printed on the foam with a “ripple machine” using ink-jet print technology.)

The result may not be a long-term souvenir but thanks to Social Media it’s been shared widely by many happy customers and will live on.

> Royal Condoms?!

Yes, there is even a condom brand created to cash-in on the Royal Wedding!

Obviously there is relatively little that can be done to theme a condom without risking damage but the creators of this ‘souvenir’ have done just about everything else they can think of… the condoms have been dubbed the “Crown Jewels”, carry the tag line “Your prince will come” and are sold in a presentation box that plays “God Save the Queen” and “Star Spangled Banner” when opened!

The look on a person’s face when these are unveiled in the bedroom or wherever… priceless!

> Royal Wedding Gold iPhone

Apparently there are just 99 of these 24k gold iPhones available… each with embedded diamonds!

The limited-edition phone features a handcrafted image of the bride and groom and can be snapped up for ‘just’ £3597!

Or if your pockets aren’t ‘Royal deep’ then you might be able to afford the bargain version without diamonds retailing at £3097.

> Did we hear you say… “Sausages”?!

Fear not if you wanted to have a Royal Wedding-themed barbecue as part of your celebrations over the weekend… there is even a special sausage inspired by the Royal couple!

The “sweet ginger and American mustard” sausage has been created by British sausage firm ‘Heck’ which was recently featured on former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott’s Channel 5 programme about Yorkshire’s famous food companies.

Thinking Weddings? Think Delvaux!

If you are hosting, supplying or organising any Weddings or other celebrations remember to contact us to discuss personalised Chocolates & Sweets, we can provide small volumes at short notice to make any event extra special… call Richard or Gabrielle now on +44 (0) 1932 571180 to discuss your order, or see our website:

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