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Mint Imperials – A Refreshing Choice



We’re always adding fantastic new products to our range and our delicious, refreshing Mint Imperials (available with either personalised or non-personalised messaging and suitable for Vegans too) are bound to be a very popular item in our range of delicious and refreshing Mints and Confectionery.

Whether given to customers as a “Thank You” sweet gift with a bill or receipt or at the end of a meal, or to visitors in a Reception area or as a promotional gift to promote a business, brand, product or service… personalised and non-personalised Mint Imperials are universally well-received and enjoyed.

Mint Imperials never fail to impress… if you are looking for an alternative sweet treat to the more expensive personalised Chocolates or for an inexpensive personalised gift to give in environments where Chocolates may not be suitable (such as including them with hot takeaways or orders being sent by post) or you already stock a Chocolate or Sweet but want another option to serve with them… our Mint Imperials make a great choice:

1) Mint Imperials refresh the breath and cleanse the palate;

2) They are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians;

3) They can aid digestion;

4) Mints don’t melt in the Summer or when near hot food or drink;

5) Personalised Mint Imperials are an affordable choice;

6) Research suggests Mints can help with workouts and exercise;

7) Mints are the ideal gift to give at exhibitions, shows, conferences, meetings and before functions and social engagements, allowing people to freshen their breath for networking and giving them an energy boost.

This helps explain why our personalised and non-personalised Mint Imperials are so popular with our business and charity customers across all sectors – whether professional services, retailers, marketing, advertising and merchandising agencies, hospitality, restaurants, pubs and cafes, educational institutions, tourist attractions, charities or associations – they all tell us how much their own customers enjoy being given a refreshing Mint Imperial and the positive feedback the gift of a Mint attracts.


It’s self-evident… Mint Imperials with personalised messaging and branding help you stand out from your competitors and your customers connect with you!

Individually wrapped in colourful personalised flow wrappers, our range of Mint Imperials are perfect for gifting, rewarding and thanking customers in a thousand different environments and ways, for example:

> at a checkout,

> in a Reception area,

> served with refreshments,

> included as a surprise with home delivery,

> left on bedroom pillows in hotels and on cruise ships,

> offered on planes and trains, in spas and conference venues,

> given as sales gifts with products, especially higher value items like cars, jewellery, holidays etc.

Unlike Chocolates which can melt in the hand or pocket, Mint Imperials are a great gift for customers who are on the move. Customers can drop them in their pocket or bag to look forward to later… and there is no better way to make a very special impression than to have a customer find a welcome sweet treat they’d forgotten they had, reading your name, branding, fun messaging, special offers, contact details and/or QR code on the wrapping as their mouth waters in anticipation of the enjoyment to follow.

Whether in a meeting, before a job interview, at a key moment in the buying decision making process, after a big purchase or a holiday booked or even on a date… Mint Imperials can be a life saver and you should be the business, organisation, association or charity that gets remembered for providing one just when most needed!

So, a gift of a refreshing Mint Imperial is always welcome whether it is eaten immediately or sometime later, somewhere else!


No question, giving a Mint Imperial, freshly and hygienically wrapped individually in a foil wrapper and colourfully printed with branding and/or information and contact details, is a fantastic opportunity to covey positive messaging to your current and future customers.

We call it “Edible Advertising”… putting messaging, special offers and promotions, branding, contact details, QR codes etc on the front and/or back of the Mint Imperial sweet wrapper to thank, engage, excite and inform… all combined to create a memorable, shareable experience that has a positive impact and leaves a good impression.

There is no better way to both thank and promote, gift and market, build brand loyalty and encourage excellent word-of-mouth recommendation than with Mint Imperials individually wrapped and colourfully printed with positive messaging.

This is true of all our personalised Mint range, and especially our Mint Imperials, which are traditionally perceived as a breath freshener and great way to clean the palate after after meals and refreshment or before business and social engagements. (Mints are also commonly believed to ease stomaches too.)

Popular over many years (according to Wikipedia “the production of Mints as a discrete food item can be traced back to the 18th century with the invention of Altoids) and a great choice if looking for a sweet confectionery gift likely to be enjoyed by different customers of all ages, offering Mint Imperials with your own personalised messaging or a generic “Thank You” message will always ensure your customers leave with a smile on their faces!

Our range of Mint Imperials come in multiple wrapper colours and print colours and with the option to have your choice of messaging on the front or back, please click here to see the full range.

Having supplied personalised and non-personalised Chocolates & Sweets for over 36 years, we are a family-owned business renowned for our high quality products and customer service.

We can provide help with designing your messaging and are happy to provide a proof for approval prior to production.


There is no limit to the number of different ways you can use personalised Mint Imperials and other personalised Chocolates and Sweets to grow your sales!

The opportunity to print designs and messaging on wrappers represents great potential to get creative… for example you might consider printing your:

– Thank You Messaging… showing your appreciation for your customers and staff, creating a close bond and shared interest and encouraging customers to order again.

– Business Name and Logo… to remember you.

– Positive Messaging & Good News… to emotionally connect with customers and stand out from competitors.

– Key Facts About Your Products & Services… to inform your customers and remind them why you are different.

– Website, Online Shops, Blogs, QR codes… to find all your details, products, bookings and reservations.

– Social Media… to follow and engage with you.

– Special Offers and Promotions to ‘Surprise & Delight’… to use ‘Calls To Action’ (CTAs) to ensure your guests come back for more!

– Lucky Numbers…to excite and engage your customers through gamification by printing sequential and random numbers as ‘Lucky numbers’ and Lottery number ideas etc (available on all our personalised Sweets range).

For more great ideas on making a big impact with personalisation see Natalie’s blog “Are You Maximising All Your Personalisation Options?“.


We can produce any quantity of individually wrapped and printed Mint Imperials required… from 250 to 250,000 or more… with fast delivery.

Call us now on 01932 550500 and tell us what you are doing and what you need to achieve.

We have decades of experience helping our customers to grow their business, as we have grown our own. Speak to Natalie today about what you want to do and how we can help.

And for full details see the personalised and non-personalised ranges at:

Ready to order?

For more information about the Delvaux Personalised & Non-Personalised Sweet & Chocolate product range please call Natalie on UK freephone 0800 371 428 or International telephone +44 (0) 1932 550500, alternatively please email us at

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