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Meet Our Customers – The Sheesh Mahal


One of our oldest customers is the Sheesh Mahal Bangladeshi restaurant which opened in 1981 in Twickenham UK. Serving contemporary Bangladeshi cuisine, it is now managed by the son of the owner, Mr Monaf.

We recently dropped into the Sheesh Mahal restaurant and Mr Monaf told us how his father, inspired by his mother’s cooking, founded the restaurant and began their 20 year relationship with Delvaux Chocolates.

When Sheesh Mahal opened in 1981 it occupied one shop unit but it has since expanded into two shop units, with a private dining room at the back for functions.

The restaurant also caters for outside events, such as weddings and parties. (The family also have two other restaurants, Monafs in Hampton which opened in 1989, and Deea in Kingston which opened in 2003, both offering delicious Bangladeshi and Indian Food.)

They Can Never Have Just One…

As we relaxed in the comfortable setting of the Sheesh Mahal, Mr Monaf entertained us with stories about the popular restaurant, close to Twickenham Rugby Stadium, and told us how much the customers enjoyed the personalised chocolates supplied by Delvaux and how useful they are to him as a marketing and advertising tool:

“We’ve been using Delvaux Chocolates for over 20 years now and they are very popular. Our customers can never have just one… they love the chocolates that much!”

“We give out the chocolates when the customers ask for their bill or when they request some teas or coffees and we always keep them in a bowl if they want some extras on the way out.”

One of the many things that impress us about the Sheesh Mahal is the way Mr Monaf continues to innovate with the messaging on their personalised Petit Chocolates, as he explained to us:

“The chocolates are in a colourful wrapper, always fresh and always delicious… the packaging has my logo and my website on it, which is fantastic because these days everything is ordered online now, which is why we’ve developed our App, which we advertise on the back of the wrapper.”

“The great thing about Delvaux is we can always change what we have on the wrapper… so I can add different social media on there or promote my outside catering or if there are any special event days like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day we can get special chocolates bought in.”

“I’ve been dealing with Delvaux for 20 years and always got great customer service… long may it continue!”

We share the sentiment, we have been proud to supply Mr Monaf and his father before him over the last 20 years and we look forward to supplying the Sheesh Mahal for another twenty years. If you are ever in the Twickenham area… whether for the rugby, a concert or simply passing through… head for the Sheesh Mahal and enjoy a delicious meal!

Sheesh Mahal – Bangladeshi Restaurant
19-21 London Road
Middlesex, TW1 3SX
United Kingdom

Tel: 020 8892 3303

Supplying The Asian Restaurant Sector For 33+ Years

Delvaux has been in business for 33 years and was originally founded to provide personalised chocolates and sweets to the restaurant, cafe and hospitality industry.

Some of our restaurant customers have now been with us for more than 20 years, going from strength to strength over the time they have been in business, growing their business as we grow our business. (Infact many of our older customers have now passed control to the next generation, with their sons and daughters taking over the business from them!)

As the market leader in personalised chocolates and sweets for the South Asian restaurant sector, we are proud of our long history of manufacturing and delivering personalised Neapolitans, mini-chocolates and confectionery to restaurants specialising in cuisine from many asian countries including Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan.

Our customers personalise their chocolates and sweets in all sorts of creative ways… choosing wrapper colour and flavours to suit their own branding and style of cuisine and printing messaging on the wrapper not only to advertise their restaurant and to thank their customers but also to promote special events, discounts, new menu launches etc.

Like the rest of Britain, we love asian food and are often tempted by a curry… nothing delights (and honours) us more than being given some of our chocolates or sweets, each individually wrapped for freshness in a colourful wrapper, at the end of a delicious curry lunch or dinner!

[If you have any questions please call us on UK freephone 0800 371 428 or International telephone +44 (0) 1932 571180, alternatively please email us at]
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