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Meet Our Customers – The Gurkha Durbar


“From the beginning I’ve dealt with Richard, who is the Delvaux Sales Manager, and have never been disappointed because they’re polite, they’re prompt and they’re very efficient!”

One of our longest standing restaurant customers is the Gurkha Durbar Nepalese restaurant founded in Grayshott UK in 2005.

We recently visited the owners of the restaurant, Major and Mrs Rai, to ask them why they decided to stock Delvaux chocolates, and continue to do so today…

“Polite, Prompt & Very Efficient!”

When we asked Major Rai to explain how he and his wife came to be in the restaurant trade he explained that he wanted to emulate the fine dining experience he and his colleagues enjoyed in the Officers’ Mess and an important part of the experience was the chocolate at the end of the meal, to clear the palate.

Having considered various suppliers in their search for some decent chocolates Major and Mrs Rai selected on Delvaux Chocolates as their preferred supplier.

“Ever since the beginning we’ve used Delvaux chocolates because they have a really milky minty rich chocolate flavour; we serve them with tea and coffee as well as with the bill and they are always very popular with our customers, who all go away happy with one of these lovely chocolates with the name of the restaurant ‘The Gurkha Durbar’ and the website details and the phone number. And I love them too!” says Mrs Rai.

“From the beginning I’ve dealt with Richard, who is the Delvaux Sales Manager, and have never been disappointed because they’re polite, they’re prompt and they’re very efficient!”

And the feeling is mutual!

We love having Major and Mrs Rai as our customers too, and we love their food!

If you are ever near Grayshott we suggest you book a table and try their Nepalese specialities, you won’t be disappointed!

The Gurkha Durbar – Nepalese Restaurant
30 Headley Road
Grayshott, Hindhead
Surrey GU26 6LD
United Kingdom

Tel: 01428 605 855

Supplying The Asian Restaurant Sector For 33+ Years

Delvaux has been in business for 33 years and was originally founded to provide personalised chocolates and sweets to the restaurant, cafe and hospitality industry.

Some of our restaurant customers have now been with us for more than 20 years, going from strength to strength over the time they have been in business, growing their business as we grow our business. (Infact many of our older customers have now passed control to the next generation, with their sons and daughters taking over the business from them!)

As the market leader in personalised chocolates and sweets for the South Asian restaurant sector, we are proud of our long history of manufacturing and delivering personalised Neapolitans, mini-chocolates and confectionery to restaurants specialising in cuisine from many asian countries including Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Our customers personalise their chocolates and sweets in all sorts of creative ways… choosing wrapper colour and flavours to suit their own branding and style of cuisine and printing messaging on the wrapper not only to advertise their restaurant and to thank their customers but also to promote special events, discounts, new menu launches etc.

Like the rest of Britain, we love asian food and are often tempted by a curry… nothing delights (and honours) us more than being given some of our chocolates or sweets, each individually wrapped for freshness in a colourful wrapper, at the end of a delicious meal!

[If you have any questions please call us on UK freephone 0800 371 428 or International telephone +44 (0) 1932 571180, alternatively please email us at]
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