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Tips for growing your business with the personal touch

We all appreciate the personal touch… we value good customer service, expert advice and after sales support.

Personalising the customer experience encourages loyalty… it can make the difference between winning and losing bookings and sales. It can mean your restaurant customers remember and choose your restaurant over competitors, and then recommend you to others.

How are you working to maximise the personal touch for your restaurant?

Is it time to review:

– how you thank your customers?

– how you cross-promote your products and services?

– how you encourage people to follow you in Social Media?

– how you encourage customers to spend their money with you again in the future?


Instead of spending money on “hit and miss” advertising that is ignored… get noticed!

Using personalised messaging on chocolates, sweets and mints gets YOUR BRAND noticed, it has impact, it generates goodwill and recommendation and it leads to repeat sales.

Delicious Neapolitan chocolates and refreshing, fruity Personalised Confectionery have space for messaging on both sides – at no extra cost! Melt-in-your-mouth Petit chocolates have an extra large area for messaging too.

As well as your business name, logo and website you could also use creative messaging to engage your customers…

* Do you have special offers, promotions or discounts, new menus etc you want to market to current and future customers?

* Do you have Social Media you can promote on your personalised chocolates, mints and sweets, encouraging your customers to follow your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for news and special offers?

* Are you celebrating with your customers with chocolates, mints and sweets wishing them ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Happy Retirement’, ‘Happy Anniversary’, ‘Wedding Congratulations’, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’, ‘Happy Mother’s Day’, ‘Happy Father’s Day’ etc or giving them good wishes, such as ‘Sleep Well’, ‘Have a great conference’ or ‘Thank you for choosing us’…

* Are you organising an event you want to promote, or could you promote your venue, services or facilities for your customers’ events?

* Maybe you’ve recently won an award or you have some news to tell about new services or expansion?

Please call Richard or Gabrielle on UK freephone 0800 371 428 or International telephone +44 (0) 1932 571180, alternatively please email us at to discuss the different messaging options and products available to you for edible advertising.

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