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Reopening & Getting Back To Business Post-Lockdown


Whatever the size of your business or organisation, if you are starting to gear up your sales and marketing operations to restart or expand your activity post-lockdown now is the time to order personalised sweets and Neapolitan square chocolates… the perfect ‘edible advertising’!

Our range of Personalised Sweets & Personalised Chocolates are a great way to promote any business, charity or association… which explains why 1000s of customers have bought from us over the last 35 years, see:

The simple fact is that promotional Sweets & Chocolates with special messaging are the ideal inexpensive treat to give to staff and customers… whatever your sector.

Our valued customers represent all areas of business, from professional services, education, manufacturing, entertainment and pharmaceutical sectors to promotion, events, advertising, travel and hospitality sectors, and the charity sector too.

Really there is no better, more cost-effective way to make a real emotional, memorable impact than by giving promotional Sweets & Chocolates with special messaging, offers, logos, website and social media information etc.

For example:

> Our delicious square Neapolitans chocolates are individually covered in colourful inner foils to keep them fresh (for a year or more!) and then wrapped a second time with outer paper bands that can be printed in single or full colour on the front and back with your designs, text, QR codes, lucky numbers, fortunes etc etc.

> Another important part of our product range, our choice of tasty, colourful flow-wrap personalised Sweets are hygienically sealed individually in colourful wrappers printed on the front and/or back with branding and key messaging to provide you with a truly memorable, different and delicious way to excite, inform and engage your target markets.

> Not forgetting our range of melt-in-your-mouth rectangular Mini-Chocolates which come hygienically sealed for lasting freshness in bright colourful foil wrappers, each printed on the front with your design, messaging etc.

We can supply many of our products super fast with design help, quick turnaround and speedy delivery… and in quantities from small to very very (very!) large… basically however many you need, as quickly as possible!

Please see our Shop area for all our products including full and single colour printed wrappers containing personalised Sweets & Chocolates.


After the world was thrown into uncertainty over a difficult first half of 2020 it’s time to turn things around by celebrating the end of lockdown:

> giving Letterbox Gifts packed full of Sweets & Chocolates with special messaging to staff to welcome them back and thank them for their loyalty and support over a difficult time, while also acknowledging and thanking any staff still working remotely;

> giving personalised Chocolates & Sweets to customers old and new, thanking them for their loyalty, their continued custom and their help spreading the word about you being open again and getting back to business.

If you want customers old and new thinking about your products and services this Summer as you reopen or expand as some of the COVID-19 restrictions start to ease… and if you are looking for ways to break through all the advertising, news and other noise… this is a marketing tool that works… this is advertising that actually sells!

Just as you have been busy over the last few months keeping your business, charity or association as ready as possible for when the awful impact and implications of the Corona Virus might start to reduce, here at Delvaux we have been busy too over lockdown expanding our range of gifting and packaging options available, including Letterbox Gifts, and adding to the large range of sweets and chocolates we have in stock.

Since February our team have been giving careful thought to how we can help our clients over this difficult time, developing new product ranges and designs to help companies of all sizes… and as a result new products launched over the last 6 months have included:

  • Personalised “Feel Good” Sweets supplied in bulk (minimum 250 pieces) to be included in anything being sent out to customers, staff, essential workers and volunteers:

    to thank and engage customers and/or staff, reminding them things will return to normal and their loyalty is much appreciated;

    to thank and reward ‘essential workers’ and volunteers for all their efforts to keep the nation safe and well.

For more on the new ranges launched recently to help you grow orders and build customer loyalty see our Promoting & Merchandising In This ‘New World’ marketing blog and visit our ShopWHAT DO YOU WANT TO SAY?

There is no limit to the number of different ways you can use personalised Chocolates and Sweets to grow your sales!

The opportunity to print designs and messaging on wrappers represents great potential to get creative… for example you might consider printing your:

– Thank You Messaging… showing your appreciation for your customers and staff, creating a close bond and shared interest and encouraging customers to order again.

– Business Name and Logo… to remember you.

– Positive Messaging & Good News… to emotionally connect with customers and stand out from competitors.

– Key Facts About Your Products & Services… to inform your customers and remind them why you are different.

– Website, Online Shops, Blogs, QR codes… to find all your details, products, bookings and reservations.

– Social Media… to follow and engage with you.

– Special Offers and Promotions to ‘Surprise & Delight’… to use ‘Calls To Action’ (CTAs) to ensure your guests come back for more!

– Lucky Numbers…to excite and engage your customers through gamification by printing sequential and random numbers as ‘Lucky numbers’ and Lottery number ideas etc (available on our personalised Sweets range).

For more great ideas on making a big impact with personalisation see Natalie’s blog “Are You Maximising All Your Personalisation Options?” (


We can supply whatever you need… you can choose from a great range of:

  • Neapolitan square chocolates (available in Milk, Milk Mint, Milk Orange, Dark Chocolate, Dark Mint, 70% Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel flavours)

Alternatively if you have a special request please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss a bespoke sweet order… whatever you need we can source, wrap and print it!

Call us now on 01932 550500 and tell us what you are doing and what you need to achieve.

We have decades of experience helping our customers to grow their business, as we have grown our own. Speak to Natalie today about what you want to do and how we can help.

And for full details see the personalised and non-personalised ranges at:

Ready to order?

For more information about the Delvaux Personalised & Non-Personalised Sweet & Chocolate product range please call Natalie on UK freephone 0800 371 428 or International telephone +44 (0) 1932 550500, alternatively please email us at

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