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5 more ways Neapolitans chocolates can help you grow your business

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1) First Impressions & Special Touches Make The Difference

When you first arrive in the reception area for a business, organisation or institution or when you approach the payment counter in a shop or visit the bathroom in a hotel, cafe or restaurant… what do you do?

You probably make a judgment about that business or organisation based on the furnishings, toiletries and other little extras.

The impression we get of a business can be influenced by the smallest thing.

The same is true with your customers… it is important to consider the different ways you can make a positive impression on them… thus creating an emotional connection between them and your brand, product or service.

By freely offering individual Neapolitan chocolates in colourful wrappers – brightly printed with your logo, contact details, special messaging etc – in your reception area, on the counter or in the shopping bag, with tea and coffee or with the bill… your business can impress, build customer loyalty and encourage word-of-mouth recommendation.

See the interactive personalisation page on our website to discover some of the different ways you can print logos, graphics and messages on either Neapolitan chocolates, Petit chocolates, Mints, Sweets, Coffee Beans and Fudge.

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2) Chocolate IS Luxurious

All of us love a bit of luxury and your customers are no different!

And most of your customers will have heard about the potential health benefits of eating chocolate.

So why not use this to your advantage? Why not give your customers what they crave… small squares of velvety luxury in the form of Neapolitan chocolate… and stand out from your competitors!

According to Dr Wendy Doyle, of the British Dietetic Association, the Brits:

“…have a national craving for sweet things; people like the texture of chocolate in the mouth. They feel it’s something luxurious and pamper themselves with it. In moderation it can be had as part of a healthy diet…”

Alan Porter, chairman of the Chocolate Society, believes the improved quality of confectionery has health benefits too:

“…nowadays you can buy high quality chocolate bars in every high street supermarket – these bars have a high cocoa content and actually help to reduce cholesterol.”

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3) Celebrating With Customers Builds Loyalty

Are you known for celebrating with your customers when they have special occasions like Birthdays, Weddings and Anniversaries?

Celebrating with your customers builds loyalty and makes your business, organisation or institution stand out.

Why not give your customers a special gift pack of chocolates to make them feel special?

You can give them a gift case full of delicious chocolates… personalised with your logo, contact details etc and/or special ‘Celebration’ messages.

Ask us about the plastic gift cases we can supply (costing just £17+Vat for 100 cases) and our range of Celebration chocolates with special messages including:

  • Happy Birthday
  • Congratulations
  • With Compliments
  • With Thanks

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4) Beer & Chocolate – A Match Made In Heaven

According to Sommelier & Beer expert Jane Peyton:

“…beer and chocolate are the perfect partners… they both have balances of bitterness and sweetness and when they are consumed together, the tastes and textures complement each other. Add to that the carbonation in beer, which cuts through the fattiness of the chocolate, and you’re got a truly magical match.”

So maybe next time you are serving free personalised Neapolitan chocolates… give them out with beer, not just with tea and coffee!

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5) Saying ‘Thank You’ Matters

Thank you for reading this far!

Saying ‘thank you’ by giving your own specially branded chocolates to your customers makes them feel special and rewards them for choosing you over your competitors.

Thanking adds value and enhances your customer’s experience and their relationship with you.

For over 32 years Delvaux Ltd has been supplying businesses and organisations of all types and sizes with delicious personalised chocolates to help them thank their customers and to keep them coming back for more.

Why not join the 1000s of our customers in saying “thank you” to your customers with delicious, colourful, complementary Neapolitan chocolates printed with your messaging …and see the difference it makes?

(How are Neapolitan chocolates helping you build your business, organisation or institution? Please email us to share your experiences, we would love to hear from you.)

[If you have any questions please call us on UK freephone 0800 371 428 or International telephone +44 (0) 1932 571180, alternatively please email us at]
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