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5 reasons personalised Neapolitans help you grow your business

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1) A Nation Of Chocoholics – Or ‘How To Win Customers & Influence People’

It’s a “no brainer”! When you give your customers branded Neapolitan chocolates (personalised with your messaging) you are winning customers and influencing people!

According to a survey by retail analyst Datamonitor sweet-toothed Britons are the chocoholics of Europe.

The average Briton devours in the region of 11kg of chocolate a year and, as a nation, our insatiable taste for chocolate accounts for nearly a third of the European market!

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2) Advertising Space That Actually Works!

The personal touch makes all the difference…

Think of personalised Neapolitan chocolates (branded with your logo, website and messaging) as advertising space that actually works.

We like to call it ‘edible advertising’!

Your customers read your messaging when they pick up the chocolates you give them… messaging that can encourage them to follow you on Social Media, to book for special events, to use discounts and/or to recommend you to their friends, colleagues and family.

The possibilities are endless!

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3) Giving Chocolate Relaxes Your Customers

Do you take time to give your customers… time?!

A survey by Waitrose Good Food Guide has revealed that being rushed through sale or being rushed through a meal to give up a table is the biggest annoyance of 25% of diners in restaurants… how does that translate to your business?

Whatever your organisation, association or business (brand, shop, hairdressers, spa, restaurant, pub or something else) giving personalised Neapolitan chocolate to your customers suggests a relaxed pace, it puts them at their ease and makes them feel at home… setting you apart from your competitors who rush customers out the door.

Take a breath and encourage your customers to relax with a ‘thank you’ chocolate and they’ll be back for more!

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4) Personalised Chocolates Can Encourage Positive Reviews

Many businesses run scared of online reviews or rely on their own ‘in-house’ surveys to gather customer feedback.

But the simple fact is that most customers trust well-established online review websites (like Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google, Amazon, CheckaTrade, Trustpilot etc) when choosing a business, hotel or restaurant and you are losing sales if you don’t maximise this opportunity.

So be brave, take your lead from all the other brands successfully promoting online review sites direct to their customers and encourage your customers to share their experience on TripAdvisor or another review site relevant to your business.

By streamlining your efforts toward a single point for customer feedback you will earn more comments and boost your presence and your ranking.

Start today… give your customers personalised Neapolitan Chocolates with messaging that encourages them to leave their feedback and recommend your business.

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5) Chocolate Is Brain Food!

Apparently regularly eating chocolate has been found to have a positive association with cognitive performance “irrespective of other dietary habits”.

According to researchers for the Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study (published in the journal ‘Appetite’) more frequent chocolate consumption was “significantly associated with better performance on… visual-spatial memory and organisation, working memory, scanning and tracking, abstract reasoning, and the mini-mental state examination”.

So it seems smart people get smarter by eating more chocolate… like we needed an excuse!

(How are Neapolitan chocolates helping you build your business, organisation or institution? Please email us to share your experiences, we would love to hear from you.)

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