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3 more tips for building Customer Loyalty


1) A Picture Tells A 1000 Words!

Photographs and video are hugely engaging, they excite and inform.

Use photographs and video as much as possible to engage your current, former and prospective customers, to rekindle their interest, to encourage sharing and recommendation.

For example if you run a restaurant take pictures of your food, regularly posting them to your social media and website with information about ingredients, taste, history of the dish etc. If you run a hairdressers post pictures of hairstyles and advice on haircare. If you run a holiday company give advice on places to visit and travel tips.

Post pictures of your staff (publicly praising them and showing appreciation for their hard work and customer service), and video clips of your customers commenting on your good service. Feature pictures of special events and holidays, celebrations etc. Post and share images and videos on your website and on your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Pinterest accounts.

Images and video can ensure your posts are seen (in a crowded news feed) as well as dramatically increase engagement levels and interest in your business or organisation.

Video are especially effective, particularly with fast connections and ‘auto-play’ features in social media.

Consider creating short videos about your business, your staff, your customers, the local area etc…

Post them on YouTube in your own channel (giving each video a title starting with your name and descriptive words about the content) and then use the ‘embedding code’ to post them on your website.

Then promote the video widely (remembering to link to the web page rather than YouTube, to increase visitors to your own websites).

2) Offers & Deals

Use your social media presence to regularly post special offers and deals, discounts and promotions as appropriate to your type of business and your customers.

Encourage them to “like” and “follow” your social media accounts, to ‘share’ and promote you online, to visit you more regularly and/or at quiet times, to spend more and/or to bring their friends.

Giving customers personalised chocolates and sweets with information about your social media presence and website is a great way to remind them of your online presence and to encourage greater participation and interaction; explore this website for more details of the personalised confectionary range supplied by Delvaux Ltd.

3) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Learn some basic SEO techniques to improve the ‘discoverability’ of your website by identifying the keywords and key phrases relevant to your business or organisation and ensuring the content on your website reflects them as fully as possible.

Make sure the page ‘meta title’ and page ‘meta description’ for each web page contains the popular search terms relevant to the content on the page and that they ‘sell’ your service or product effectively.

Remember that the first thing people see in the Google Search results is the ‘page title’ from the page, serving as the ‘headline’ and linking to the page.

Using social media and getting ‘inbound links’ from third party sites can have a very positive impact on your search engine ranking, as well as bringing traffic to your website.

The more popular your website content appears to Google (measured by the number of other websites linking to your website) the more authority you gain.

Distributing regular press releases with information and links can help with your SEO effort too.

(Have you any tips or techniques to share with other business owners? Please don’t hesitate to email us if you do, we would love to hear from you.)

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